SAP HR Interview Questions and Answers-OM,PA,TM,PY-Set1  

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Q:Payroll Results

How do you post the payroll results to FICO? I created one symbolic account and assigned the
same to Salaries GL Account and then completed the other configuration steps needed to complete
the procedure. However, when I tried to run the simulation for posting to FICO, I got the message
“Document is not generated”.
A: If you have selected “Output Log” at the beginning of your configuration procedure, it will tell you at the bottom part what went wrong.


What is the basis of valuation of certain wage components such as Provident Fund? Where does
one configure it? A corollary question is what if another component – i.e., Special Allowance is
made as basis of calculation at another time? How is this configured?
A: Go to view V_T511 wage type char and read the F1 help for field Indirect Evaluation module. Module PRZNT will be applicable in this case. Also read help for V_T539J. Both these nodes can be found under Payroll Date>Basic Pay.

Q: Deduction Wage Type

We have a deduction wage type displayed in the window of our pay slip that shows a negative value.
This causes problems and we have tried several measures to correct this including conversion rule 16 for our wage type in the same window but so far, without any success. How can we correct or delete the negative sign?
A: You can review OSS Note 406977.
This is a collective note of issues with RPCEDTx0 with examples of problems and solutions.

Q: Payroll Simulation

How do I correct the payroll simulation entry and check the correctness of our master data? What if one
hundred employees get rejected due to error 167-process health plans. What does the following error
“No entry for plan DENT/cost variant.
A: You should check for the cost element associated and the validity of cost rule for this plan. To do this,
check your configuration under Benefits>Plans>Health Plans>Define cost variant and define cost rules.

Q:Leave Quota

How do I make sure that if an employee goes over the limit of a leave quota , the future leave accrual will be
reflected accurately?
A:Configure the negative deduction and check these through the rules.


I need to capture a reason in additional payment IT0015. The reason code is “save” in this infotype.
I tried to capture for reason A Example to ADDWT 9999 if Reason ADDWT9998. How can I check the
reason in IT0015 for accuracy?
A: You can try using this to start with: ‘TABLEP0015> VARGBPREAS’
Then, use the variable key to define the different reasons.

Q:Payroll Simulation

Why is the system not picking up the values changed this month by default during payroll simulation? However, when I tried last month’s retro date, it picks up correctly. How can this issue be corrected?
A: You can check the “Earliest MD change” date on infotype 0003. If you have done that already and
payroll simulation still doesn’t function by default, then there is a problem with your infotype and/or wage type
retro settings. Check table T582A.

Q:Single Payroll

Is it possible to configure a single payroll to pay an individual in multiple currencies?
A: No. The system can be configured to pay in multiple currencies but not to pay an individual in multiple

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