The graphic above shows the main components of structural authorizations at a high level. The setup of structural authorizations is more complex than regular security authorizations. None of the main setup steps can be omitted or incomplete. Structural authorizations setup is analogous to an electric circuit. If there is a break anywhere in the circuit structural authorizations it will not work properly.

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Creating Custom Infotype in ABAP HR  

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Process to create Custom Infotype:

  • Go to Transaction PM01 to Create custom Infotype.
  • Enter the custom Infotype number to be created, the number should be between the customer name space 9001 – 9999. This is the number range interval to be used for the Custom Infotypes.
  • See to it that the ‘Employee Infotype’ and the ‘PS Structure’ radio buttons are selected on the screen.
  • Click on ‘All’ push button on the screen, a separate Dictionary window appears on the screen.
  • Maintain the structure (Provide fields) which will be included in the current custom Infotype. Include all the fields that are needed in the Infotype.
  • The PAKEY/PBKEY and PSHD1 structures are not required to be provided while creating the custom Infotype, they are created by the SAP automatically.
  • Save and Activate the PS structure and go back to the initial screen of PM01.
  • Now, click on ‘Technical Characteristics’, Infotype list screen appears.
  • Click on ‘Change’ (pencil) button and select your Infotype and click on ‘Detail’ (magnifying glass) button.
  • Save and come back to the PM01 initial screen.
  • Click on ‘Infotype Characteristics’. Infotype list screen appears.
  • Click on ‘Change’ (pencil) button and click on ‘New Entries’ button.
  • Enter your Infotype number and the short text for the Infotype.
  • Depending on the requirement, we will have to set the Infotype Characteristics. The best option would be to use the entries of a standard Infotype like 0000 (Actions) or 0001 (Org. Assignment) as a reference. Other way is to click on the F4 button for each parameter on the screen to understand its significance.
  • Save the entries.
  • Now the Infotype is created and ready to use.

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Transaction codes for CATS | T-codes for CATS  

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To Customize CATS:

CAC1 : Maintain Profile
CAC2 : Allocate Fields
CAC3 : Def. Rej. Reasons
CAC4 : Def. Auth. Groups
CAC5 : Def. Cust. Fields
CAC6 : Allowed Print Report

Working with CATS

CAT2 : Maintain Times CAT3 : View Times CATSXT : Times for SP CATR : Reorg. Interf. Tables

Approving Times Entries


Transferring Time Entries

CATA : All entries (exc. MM) CAT5 : .. to PS CAT6 : .. to Time Mgt CAT7 : .. to CO CAT9 : .. to PM / CS CATM : .. to MM

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